NAMI Fox Valley offers free classes throughout the year for those living with mental health conditions. Classes are taught by trained mentors who are successfully managing their own conditions. The classes cover a wide range of topics related to mental health and are designed to assist individuals in reaching and maintaining mental wellness. Much of NAMI Fox Valley's peer education is geared to tapping into resiliency factors in order to provide individuals with a wide range of tools, information, skills and connections to enhance their ability to be successful in managing their mental health condition.


This free, 8-session class focuses on mental health recovery and is for any adult individual living with a mental health condition. The course provides participants with comprehensive information on mental illnesses and teaches strategies for personal and interpersonal awareness, coping skills, and self-care.


This free, 5-session class is for any adult living with a mental health condition. The course focuses on the relationship between mental health and physical health, emphasizing that the best possible mental health recovery requires attention to all aspects of one's health. Hearts & Minds is designed to educate and empower participants to better manage their health — mentally and physically.