6th of June 2018 07:44 PM Link
"Whether you knew the person who lost their life personally or as a public figure, whether you’re speaking in private, public, or as a member of the press, the way you discuss suicide can affect those around you. By following a few guidelines outlined by suicide prevention specialists and public health practitioners, you can minimize some risks."
4th of June 2018 01:21 PM Link
Thank you to everyone who joined us over breakfast this morning for our Report to the Community! We enjoyed the opportunity to provide an update on our programs and recent activities.

Missed the event? Learn about some highlights of the past year in our 2017 Annual Report at the following link: https://www.namifoxvalley.org/2017-annual-report/
As always, we are grateful to our supportive and engaged community as we work together toward the vision of a stigma-free society that supports and promotes mental health and recovery!
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25th of May 2018 09:04 PM Link
“[M]uch of what we identify as ‘other’ is often just another part of being human. This is no more evident than in the long-standing and lingering stigma related to mental health and mental health care.”
24th of May 2018 10:44 AM Link
US Venture has done amazing work to promote mental health and wellness throughout May Mental Health Awareness Month! We are so grateful and inspired by this community partner's commitment to the mental health of its employees and the community at large. Thank you, US Venture, Inc!
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17th of May 2018 10:07 AM Link
NAMI Fox Valley is proud to be a collaborative partner on the Outagamie County Mental Health Court team, which is celebrating its sixth anniversary this year! Click here to learn more about this incredibly impactful alternative court.
15th of May 2018 09:28 AM Link
We know that every Facebook "like" increases our ability to get the word out about our programs, stay connected with our community, and provide support and encouragement from our screen to yours. So we celebrate the milestone of your giving the NAMI Fox Valley Facebook page 2,500 likes as of yesterday. We're so glad to have YOU as part of the NAMI Fox Valley community. We like you, too! 💚
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14th of May 2018 08:28 PM Link
Over 60 community members gathered tonight to hear youth mental health advocate, Mettie Spiess, share her powerful and impactful presentation “Empowering Voices to Save Lives,” focusing on how to support youth who live with mental health conditions and/or are at risk for suicide.

We look forward to Mettie’s return to the Fox Valley in June as the keynote speaker for our Children’s Mental Health For Professionals education program! For more information, visit https://www.namifoxvalley.org/upcomingtrainings/
We are grateful for a grant from Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, which provided financial support to help fund tonight’s event.
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11th of May 2018 01:39 PM Link
Thank you to the Downtown Appleton Farm Market for inviting us to join tomorrow's indoor market in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month!

Come visit us at our booth near Tropical Smoothie Cafe in City Center to learn more about our mental health programs. And help support those programs by picking up a new "be kind" shirt in your favorite color and style!
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10th of May 2018 08:11 PM Link
NAMI Fox Valley executive director, Maren Peterson, was proud to be one among a full house of community members supporting our great friends at Samaritan Counseling Center of the Fox Valley today at their annual Silent Samaritan luncheon.

Shown here, community pillar Sarah Companik, who has collaborated with NAMI Fox Valley in her role as a leader of ESTHER, was presented with the 2018 Connie Steele Woman of Strength Award.

Congratulations to Samaritan - and to Sarah - on a wonderful moment of support and recognition.
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7th of May 2018 05:31 AM Link
“UCLA’s Depression Grand Challenge (DGC) hopes to cut the global impact of depression in half by 2050. UCLA is using a four-pronged, interdisciplinary approach that combines the expertise of around 100 researchers across 25 university departments. It centers on a decade-long, 100,000-person study — the largest of its scope and scale in history.”
5th of May 2018 10:05 AM Link
“I am here today to tell anyone who can hear me: if you suspect that you have a mental illness, there is no reason to be ashamed, or embarrassed, and most importantly, you do not need to be afraid. You do not need to suffer. There is nothing noble in suffering, and there is nothing shameful or weak in asking for help. This may seem really obvious to a lot of you, but it wasn’t for me, and I’m a pretty smart guy, so I’m going to say it anyway: There is no reason to feel embarrassed when you reach out to a professional for help, because the person you are reaching out to is someone who has literally dedicated their life to helping people like us live, instead of merely exist.”
3rd of April 2018 02:09 PM Link
Don't forget to reserve your tickets for the Mental Health Matters luncheon on May 1!

You won't want to miss keynote speaker, Chris Prochut, a former Illinois police commander whose own lived experience let him to become a nationally recognized mental health and suicide prevention advocate.

50% of the proceeds from the luncheon will be donated to NAMI Fox Valley.
Event https://www.facebook.com/events/188581821742493/
Mental Health Matters Luncheon
Erin Davisson will host the luncheon. Keynote speaker is Chris Prochut, a former Illinois police commander whose own li...
31st of December 1969 07:00 PM
25th of January 2018 08:48 PM Link
The NAMI Fox Valley staff gathered tonight for our annual staff New Year celebration, taking time to acknowledge hard work and successes of the past year and to share excitement about all that lies ahead in 2018.

We are grateful to be on this journey with all of you — our program participants, volunteers, and supporters. We look forward to working together through the coming year to continue to break down stigma, nurture hope, and promote mental health and recovery in the Fox Valley and beyond.

From all of us to all of you, Happy New Year!
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20th of December 2017 10:46 PM Link
We cut the ribbon! The Waupaca branch office of NAMI Fox Valley “officially” opened last night at Catalpa Health’s new Waupaca location!

NAMI FV is thrilled to co-locate with Catalpa and Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Fox Valley Region in Waupaca and is excited to broadly expand our Waupaca programming in 2018.

As NAMI FV executive director, Maren Peterson, notes in this video, “NAMI Fox Valley has served Waupaca for the past couple of years with our Family-to-Family program, but this allows us to have somebody work here on a regular basis and work at expanding our programs to offer more support groups and educational courses, as well as outreach into the community. . . . We are very grateful to Catalpa for opening its doors and allowing us this opportunity. We really look forward to leveraging our partnership here so that we can all work together and, hopefully, create some new, innovative programs.”
13th of December 2017 01:32 PM Link

As snow covers the Fox Valley in a beautiful winter blanket, we can't help but think ... What a day for a holiday celebration! What a day for some carols, dancing, poetry and -- yes -- even a little magic! We've got it all at NAMI Fox Valley's 2017 Holiday Talent Show!

Arrive at the Grand Meridian at 5:30 to mingle with fellow NAMI FV supporters, program participants, staff, and friends while you help yourself to complementary heavy hors d'oeuvres, dessert, and non-alcoholic refreshments (cash bar). The talent takes the stage at 6:00!
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11th of December 2017 06:55 PM Link
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28th of November 2017 09:05 AM Link
For those navigating the journey of loss after the suicide of a loved one, Prevent Suicide Fox Cities offers great resources, including this program on December 2, International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day.
Event https://www.facebook.com/events/133782244054251/
International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day
You are not alone! Join a community of suicide loss survivors to find comfort and gain understanding as we share storie...
31st of December 1969 07:00 PM
27th of November 2017 10:36 PM Link
Would you be able to donate a few reams of copy paper? Could you donate some post-it notes? Manila folders?

For #givingtuesday NAMI Fox Valley is asking for something a little different ... office supplies! We’re open all day and accepting all office supplies! It would warm our hearts to have you stop by with copy paper or anything else that makes its way into your cart.

Breaking down stigma and building tools for mental health is exciting ... office supplies sound boring. But one cannot happen without the other!
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21st of November 2017 07:33 PM Link
You may hear us exclaim as we pull out of sight, “Mental health for the holidays, and to all a kind night!”

The Downtown Appleton Christmas Parade is almost underway ... Keep an eye out for NAMI Fox Valley (27th float/entry)!
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3rd of November 2017 02:46 PM Link
There was a whole lot of kindness at the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region today!

We love this picture of Annette (CFFVR Community Engagement Associate), Marti (CFFVR Vice President Of Community Engagement), Carolyn (CFFVR Community Engagement Manager), and Kim (Executive Director of the Nonprofit Leadership Initiative), who all wore their “be kind” shirts today!

Funds within the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region support many of NAMI Fox Valley’s mental health programs and collaborations. We are grateful everyday for the kindness of their donors, staff, volunteers, and partners!
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