Teen Support

for high school students living with mental illness

The Teen Support Groups are designed for teens, ages 14 to 18 (must be in high school), who are experiencing mental health challenges and are looking for a supportive environment to learn coping skills, build resiliency, and connect and socialize with peers experiencing similar struggles.

Young Adult Support

for adults 18-26 living with mental illness

This ongoing support group is offered twice a month and is for young adults, 18 to 26, who are living with mental illness.

Alternatives to Suicide Support Group

for adults 18 and over living with mental illness

This support group is peer run and is for adults living with mental illness. The primary purpose is to provide support, resources and information regarding alternatives to suicide. 

New Hope Support Group

for those living with mental illness

We offer free, confidential support groups for adults living with mental illness or mental health challenges where participants learn from each others’ experiences, share coping strategies, and offer each other understanding and encouragement. The groups are led by trained facilitators who also live with mental illness.

Coffee Clutch

for those living with mental Illness & their family members

Join us for coffee, camaraderie and conversation at this peer-run social group for those living with mental illness & their family members.

Family Support Group

for loved ones 18 & older

The NAMI Fox Valley Family Support Groups are peer-led support groups for family members, caregivers and loved ones of individuals living with mental illness. The hallmark of a NAMI support group is leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of the other participants.

Spiritual Peer Support

For those living with mental illness

The Spiritual Support Group provides a safe space for group members (18 years & older) to share how spirituality enhances their personal mental health and wellness.

Parent & Caregiver Support

for parents of school-aged children with mental illness

Is your child struggling with mental health issues? We can help.