You are a mental health lifeline for many in your faith community and beyond.

Mental illness is among the most pressing public health concerns in our region. As a professional or volunteer faith leader, you regularly encounter people with mental health struggles. Your vocation calls you to act with love, compassion and mercy. Would you like to do so with skill and confidence?

In this six-session series, you’ll delve into mental health topics relevant to ministry and deepen your understanding of regional resources to which you can refer those in need of healing. You'll:
• Get to know therapists, psychologists and others one-on-one.
• Learn to manage and de-escalate mental health crises.
• Recognize signs and symptoms of substance abuse.
• Gain broad familiarity with mental health resources in your community.


$150 for all six sessions.
Generously underwritten by the International Association for Clear Thinking.

Series Topics & Dates

What is mental illness? What is mental health? This presentation provides an overview of mental illness, including the categories of mental illness, their incidence and biological basis; treatment and recovery; the adverse effects of stigma; and the importance of advocacy. This presentation is given by a team of peer specialists who weave their personal stories into an education format of learning about impact of mental health issues and myths associated with several mental illness conditions.

Questions? Contact:

Doug bisbee, Samaritan's clergy & congregation care coordinator