REAP is a free, 5-session class designed for adults who are living well with a mental health condition. The program offers a relaxed, trusting, and safe environment for participants to engage in self-exploration related to mental health and wellness. This structured course is taught by a team of trained instructors who are successfully managing their own mental health conditions.

Participants in REAP often are graduates of NAMI Fox Valley's Peer-to-Peer Class.

The primary goal of REAP is for each participant to develop a personalized self-advocacy plan to maintain their wellness and advocate for their own needs. While working toward this goal, participants will:

  • Share experiences and insights with others who can relate
  • Gain insight into maintaining personal wellness through building it into daily life
  • Learn the difference between “reacting” and “responding” to challenging situations
  • Improve self-advocacy skills to better meet personal needs when working with a treatment team
  • Create a personal crisis kit and plan
Registration required | Five class sessions (2 hours each) | No charge to participants


vicki rivera , peer program coordinator

   (920) 954-1550