This 8-session education course focuses on mental-health recovery and is for any person living with a mental health condition. The course provides participants with comprehensive information on mental illness. It also teaches strategies for personal and interpersonal awareness, coping skills, and self-care strategies.

Classes are taught by trained mentors who are successfully managing their own conditions. The course provides a full approach to mental-health recovery, including individual empowerment, peer support, relapse prevention, communication skills, and general health.

The course:

  • Is offered at no charge to participants
  • Is taught by trained NAMI mentors who themselves have achieved a measure of recovery and are successfully managing their mental illness
  • Follows a structured format in a relaxed and confidential setting

Contact or Register

vicki rivera, peer program coordinator

   (920) 954-1550 

The course promotes effective paths to recovery and inspires a commitment to wellness.

Participants can:

  • Share experiences with peers who also are working toward recovery
  • Gain further insight into mental illness
  • Gain knowledge of how to manage and cope with circumstances
  • Learn to identify feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and events that can result in a possible relapse
  • Learn how to be an active participant in any treatment plan
  • Learn how to strengthen interpersonal relationships