Mental Health Chat is a mental health awareness presentation given to elementary age students. The target population is 4th graders (3rd – 5th) and the presentation is delivered by someone living with a mental illness or someone who is a family member of someone with a mental illness. The presentation is about 30 - 35 minutes with a curriculum follow-up for teachers provided.

The presentation is delivered in a fun and caring way with the following goals:

  • Educate elementary students about mental illness and NAMI
  • Help elementary students understand that getting medical help for a mental illness is good and similar to getting medical help for a broken arm or the flu
  • Educate elementary students that one in five people live with a mental illness
  • Provide positive coping skills for dealing with strong emotions
  • Teach students how to help themselves or a friend identify an adult they can talk to if feeling sad/depressed/anxious

The presentation includes:

  1. An introduction to NAMI and a brief description of mental illness and why it’s sometimes hard to understand
  2. Reading of a book about feelings/mood
  3. An interactive activity on mental illness & getting help using stick figure drawings
  4. A relaxation exercise using Go Noodle

Interested in having NAMI Fox Valley present at your elementary school? Contact Megan, our Community Outreach Coordinator, to find out more details regarding bringing Mental Health Chat to your students!


Megan Zimmerman, Community Outreach Coordinator
  (920) 954-1550